Who to Call

There are a variety of departments and individuals that can and should be contacted when incidents occur. If you observe an incident related to any of the areas below, you are encouraged to reach out to the appropriate department / person so that they can address the issue. If you aren’t sure, call Neighborhood Services below.

NEIGHBORHOOD SAFETY: You can call the police if you observe or are concerned about illegal activity. If it is an emergency call 911.

Phoenix police non emergency number (602) 262-6151

Mountain View Precinct – Commander Leif Myers, 602-495-5007, leif.myers@phoenix.gov​​

P71 Officer Jared Sherman #9331, 602-495-0486, Jared.sherman@phoenix.gov

P71 Lieutenant Jamie Bennett #6189​, 602-495-6859, jamie.bennett@phoenix.gov​

CITY GOVERNMENT ENGAGEMENT: In general, you can file a complaint with Councilwoman Laura Pastor’s office who can help coordinate the appropriate City department to assist with incidents.

Councilwoman Laura Pastor’s office – council.district.4@phoenix.gov

Jizeily Diaz – Constituent Services Coordinator – Jizeily.diaz@phoenix.gov

NEIGHBORHOOD SERVICES: In general, you can always file a complaint or reach out to the Phoenix neighborhood services department. They can help route complaints, questions, and resources to address the incident/issue. There are variety of City departments that are impacted and/or have jurisdiction, such as Parks and Recreation, Planning and Development, Public Works, etc.

Doug Mings, City of Phx Neighborhood Specialist, 602-495-0564, doug.mings@phoenix.gov

Johnny Mendoza, City of Phx Neighborhood Specialist, 602-262-1682, johnny.mendoza@phoenix.gov

SCHOOL / CHILD SAFETY: If the incident is near a school, and you are concerned about safety of children, you can alert the school district(s) and education departments below:

Creighton School District Governing Board Members

Sophia Carrillo Dahl, President – scarrillodahl@creightonschools.org

Amy McSheffrey, Clerk – amcsheffrey@creightonschools.org

Heather Ayres, Member – hayres@creightonschools.org

Katie Gipson McLean, Member – kgipsonmclean@creightonschools.org

Lindsey McCaleb, Member – lmccaleb@creightonschools.org

AZ Dept of Education – School Safety

Michael Kurtenbach, Director of School Safety, Arizona Department of Education, Office: 602-542-1889, Mike.Kurtenbach@azed.gov

HEALTHCARE COMPLIANCE: There are state and federal healthcare regulatory issues related to the detox facility. If you are concerned with the health and well-being of the detox facility patients, you can file a complaint with the entities below:

AZ Dept of Health Services Online complaint form : HERE

BUSINESS PRACTICES / COMPLIANCE: Sometimes, companies and nonprofits don’t act in the best interest of their clients or consumers. If you suspect unethical or illegal business practices, you can file a complaint with the departments below:

Julie Garcia  – Planning and Development Department, Board of Adjustments, 602-495-7029, pdd.boardofadjust@phoenix.gov

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