Neighborhood Voices

Below are just a few examples of what neighbors are experiencing related to the Crossroads detox facility. It is constant and almost daily. While many of these things don’t warrant a call to the police, they are uncomfortable, scary, and anxiety producing events. This is where we live, raise our families and come to feel safe.

The building Crossroads is in was not zoned for this type of activity – for good reason. It was a normal office building. However, they got a special use permit in 2020/2021 to add the detox facility. The safety, culture and value of our Loma Linda neighborhood has been diminished because of the frequent comings and goings of Crossroads clients (and/or drug addicts rejected from Crossroads).

We support what Crossroads does to help addicts, but not the location of the detox facility and check-in function. Loma Linda elementary school is only 1026 feet away.

“Ive been in the same house in Loma Linda for thirty years. I have never seen this level of neighborhood blight like I have seen since Crossroads moved in.”

Some Examples From Our Neighbors:

Since Crossroads opened the Detox Facility, my wife and I have frequently picked up burnt foils (from drug use) in and around our yard. We have to wear gloves and ensure our dog doesn’t get them. It adds a lot of anxiety when we just want to go outside or let our dog out.

  • TOM, retired City of Phoenix employee / 20+ year resident of Loma Linda neighborhood

The other day, a woman from Crossroads came over to my front yard and sat in our patio chair. When my boyfriend confronted her, she just continued to sit there not wanting to leave. She seemed very out of it. It was very obvious she was on drugs.

  • DOROTHY, resident on Mitchell Drive behind Crossroads

Frequently there are people walking by and dropping foils in and around our front of our yard. We also see them in the back alley, along with human feces. It’s horrible. In 30 years of living in this neighborhood, I have never seen this much drug use and blight. Since Crossroads Detox Facility moved into the neighborhood it is constant – for almost two years now.

  • DAVID, retired City of Phoenix employee / 30-year resident Loma Linda neighborhood resident

I was in my front yard fixing my truck when someone (who seemed to come from Crossroads) came over into my driveway and asked me for water. He started to get angry when I told him no. I would have had to go in the house (where my family was) and get the water. I don’t trust anyone anymore. I’m constantly looking around and “policing” the area when I go outside. We have had people jumping our fence. Before Crossroads moved in, I never had these issues. It was a friendly neighborhood.

  • RENEL, Loma Linda neighborhood resident

My 24-year old daughter has come home on a few occasions and has been harassed and even ran in the house one time. My other daughter with two babies has come over and felt uncomfortable when Crossroads clients stare at her the entire time she is getting the babies out of the car. The other day, a guy was urinating in my yard. Didn’t care when I told him to stop and go away.

  • RAMON, Loma Linda neighborhood resident

A Crossroads client came to the back side of the wall and was stumbling on the sidewalk. We called Crossroads to come get her. We were worried she would fall into the street.  People sometimes turn the corner really fast and were afraid she would get hit by a car.

  • MARIA, nurse, 5-year Loma Linda neighborhood resident

We frequently have cars parked in front of our house – like multiple times a day/week. They always park in the same place – behind Crossroads. Frequently, people are in them and we have seen them using drugs. Then they drive off – and have seen them go into Crossroads. Whenever, we see a car parked now  – we don’t know if they are doing drugs, lost or broken down. In the past, we would see if they needed help. Now we are afraid to confront them.

  • MIKE, contractor, 5-year Loma Linda neighborhood resident

The other day my wife and I were in our backyard and heard loud aggressive yelling by two men. I went outside and saw Crossroads security trying to get a man, who was rejected from Crossroads, to leave the area. The man was very angry and I thought I was going to have to get involved. The man eventually went across the street to the gas station. My wife was scared he would come back – he was sitting on the other side of our backyard wall.

  • MONTE, software engineer, 12-year Loma Linda neighborhood resident

I started to walk outside to take my five-year-old niece to school when I saw a man passed out (or dead) on the grass area behind Crossroads. He was lying in a strange position. He wasn’t moving at all. I called 911. They asked me to check and see if he was breathing. I said I had my niece and couldn’t go out – then my dogs started barking. And the dispatcher, said “ok, sounds like you have kids, dogs and need to go water your plants. I will call Crossroads.”  Everyday, I have to check outside before we go out to the car to ensure there is nobody doing drugs, loitering or who knows what – especially when we have my niece. In many cases, we have seen these people get aggressive. I’m sorry I didn’t feel safe taking my niece over to check on him.

  • DORRI, marketing professional, Loma Linda neighborhood resident

I am unable to use my courtyard now. Several times a day, Crossroads patients are outside on the other side of our wall being loud, smoking, yelling.  It is very disruptive and frustrating that I can’t enjoy my own home.

  • KLAIRUNG, 25-year Loma Linda neighborhood resident
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