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Here is a high level Q & A that helps outline what neighbors of the Crossroads Detox facility have been doing and why.

Q: What is this site?

A: This site is a log of some of the incidents that are impacting our neighborhood, as a result of the opening of the Crossroads Detox facility located at Osborn and 20th street.

Q: What is the Crossroads Detox Facility at Osborn and 20th Street?

A: According tot heir website, Crossroads Detox, Inc. offers 24-hour nursing and medically-monitored intensive inpatient detoxification unit and intensive inpatient unit specialized for use of short-term protocols within a 7-day expected occupancy.

Around 2020, Crossroads moved its corporate headquarters into the vacant office building at 20th Street and Osborn. In 2021, (during the height of Covid), they received a special permit/zooming to allow for a detox in-patent facility to be added to the location.

Q: Why are we posting these incidents?

A: For more than a year and a half, residents of Loma Linda neighborhood have frequently encountered and observed Crossroads’ clients who

(1) use drugs in the neighborhood and around the facility

(2) loiter and/or trespass on homeowners’ property and alleys

(3) urinate and/or defecate in public or on properties

(4) exhibit aggressive and/or erratic behavior while loitering or walking through the neighborhood.

From the beginning and even now, residents are told to reach out to Crossroads when they encounter an incident or issue so that the organization can address. Nothing changed for a year and a half.  Not until a camera was put up by a homeowner at 20th street and Mitchell Dr (street behind Crossroads) and incidents were being recorded and logged did Crossroads start to appear to make changes. But the changes aren’t working. Our neighborhood is still experiencing all of the incidents above.

The facility is a detox center which means people with addictions and on drugs will continue to come and go to the facility and as a result, will continue to exhibit these behaviors in the neighborhood. Crossroads has made it clear that they are not responsible for clients or denied addicts once they are off the Crossroads property. Security even encourages them off the property and into the neighborhood if they are lingering.

Q: Why are you concerned with a facility that is helping people get off drugs?

Our issue is not with what Crossroads does. In fact, most of us are 100% behind their mission and want organizations like Crossroads to thrive. However, the Detox facility is a special facility that was added to a corporate office building that was originally zoned only for an office and now serves addicts at their worst stage. In-patient / resident detox facilities require special zoning, similar to other medical facilities. The Crossroads’ corporate office building at 2002 E Osborn was NOT zoned for this type of use. For good reasons. Mainly because of the proximity to homes, schools and other neighborhood amenities. As evident by this site, no matter how many security guards, cameras or staff you employ, the fact of the matter is – people on drugs are coming into the neighborhood and creating more safety concerns, stress/fear, blight, as well as lower home values.

Q: What are the safety concerns?

A: A main concern is the location of numerous schools in the area and children walking to and from school at the same time these incidents occur.

For example, Loma Linda elementary school is 1056 ft down 20th street from Crossroads. Just recently, on May 9, 2023, a Crossroads client was observed doing drugs on the grass area behind Crossroads and left drug paraphernalia on the grass (3 feet from the sidewalk on 20th street). This poses a huge danger to kids, dogs and others walking the area. The drug remnants (i.e. fentanyl or meth) on these items can make someone very sick.

Similarly in March, and in the same area, a drug pipe was left on the ground. These are only a couple examples that neighbors have found.

Q: Are the police involved?

A: Many neighbors have corresponded with the Community Action Officer (Officer Sherman). He attends the quarterly Loma Linda neighborhood association meetings and has been helpful in listening to residents. However, while many neighbors want to call the police when these incidents happen, many of the drug use incidents, public urination and trespassing happen quickly and the individual(s) move on and continue walking through the neighborhood.

One resident’s experience when 911 was called (for the first time) for someone laying lifeless on the grass behind Crossroads detox facility:

Dispatcher: Can you check and see if they are breathing?

Resident: They haven’t moved at all in a while. I can’t go out and check as I have a five year old with me (dogs start barking in background). Note: resident had observed aggressive behavior in the past from Crossroads clients).

Dispatcher: Yeh, it sounds like you have a lot going on, kids, dogs and watering your plants. I will call Crossroads.

Q: What else is being done to help remedy these issues?

A: Many neighbors who are in close proximity to the Crossroads detox facility have been continuing to call Crossroads, confronting Crossroads clients when events happen, call the police when possible. In addition, outreach and complaints have been sent to the following individuals/organizations since March 2023:

Our AZ State Legislative Representatives Amish Shaw, Jen Longdon, Lela Alston

Our Phoenix City Council Representative Laura Pastor

Loma Linda Neighborhood Association President Matthew Mansour

Phoenix Police Department Commander Leif Myers

Phoenix Board of Adjustment Julie Garcia

Superintendent of Public Instruction – School Safety Mike Kurtenbach

Camelback East Village Planning Committee

Phoenix Neighborhood Services

Crossroads, Inc.

Phoenix Elementary School District

Creighton School District

AZ Department of Education

Madison School District

Arizona Education Association

Q: How can I help?

Protecting our neighbors, families, children, pets, and homes requires engagement as a neighborhood. There are a couple ways you can help.

(1) Reach out to Dorri Thyden (dorrithyden@gmail.com) to join your neighbors in working together to help address these issues and concerns.

(2) When you observe an incident, reach out to the appropriate people to log a complaint. See Who to Call HERE.

(3) Call Crossroads, Inc. and let them know about the incident. Contact info HERE.

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